Beating the Monday Blues

Happy Mondays – 18th July

It’s drizzly and abnormally chilly for July.  My umbrella is almost defunct in these winds, so I arrive to work rain splattered, abject and damp.  The prospect of 5 days battling through paperwork with grey clouds looming at the window fills me with a hopeless, hapless dread.  However, in the true spirit of survival, I am determined to beat the Monday blues (not least because Suicide Tuesday is far worse and I need to get in shape before that gloom arrives!)   I’m tackling this head on and the things that cheered me up today are:

  1. Having half price lunch with two equally damp friends.  The best thing about Monday is people need your custom. The slug and lettuce was our chain of choice for 50% off food and a space to scribble exciting summer plans in my filofax.
  2. Setting up a direct debit to the British Red Cross – I’m always amazed at their work in the UK and worldwide, so I sporadically donate to their international appeals such as helping rebuild Pakistan after the floods and I know they’re currently tackling the drought in East Africa.  What they really need is regular, dependable donations so they can plan and protect against disasters.  I can’t give a lot, but I can give a little each month.  It felt good to know I’m supporting them longterm.
  3. Booking tickets for Manchester’s 24:7 theatre festival July 2011 – so many shows, so little time!
  4. Yoga AND pilates at the gym.  I might not be positioning my spine properly but I’m awash with zen and smugness!
  5. Eating hickory smoked ribs and fries with 40% off at the new Southern Eleven restaurant in Spinningfields. I know, I know, this is eating out twice in one day…but at these prices it doesn’t really count.

Bring on Tuesday!


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