Finding Dene

Finding Dene

In the blink of an eye, the cheap Deansgate drinking hole, the Hogs Head, has been ripped apart and replaced with the all new ‘The Lost Dene’.  I pondered whether its title is linked to the Deansgate thoroughfare on which it sits.  If so, perhaps the designers worked with such lightning speed that there was no time to press ‘F7’ and spell check the pub front signs.  Or perhaps its some olde legend of Deansgate past, brought back during the current revival of all things retro.  There was only one way to settle this matter and that’s by attending the launch party.  Unfortunately this meant having to sup free drinks in the name of accurate blogging!

The launch was a strange affair which didn’t feel very exclusive as soon as I realised half my office had received the e-invite too.  They also couldn’t resist nosing inside.  Now, I haven’t been to too many launch events but I presume they don’t all have dwarves as doormen and scantily clad ladies handing out blueberry vodka?!  It’s benefited from a good lick of paint and some updated furniture. The price list looks strangely similar to the hog’s head though and are not to be sniffed at; you can buy a bottle of wine for a mere £4.95 – yes a whole bottle, not a glass!  You’d pay ten times that at some of the swankier neighbouring venues.  This wine even comes with a free headache the morning after.  The food is cheap too with two bar meals for £6 including the brilliant invention of a beef in yorkshire pudding wrap – genius!  Oh and I have no idea who or what Dene is, he was missing on the night and the dwarves had never heard of him.  The mystery continues…


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