Liverpool’s Lobsters

Think Lobster is a luxury?  Well not in Liverpool!  The fabulous 60 Hope Street restaurant are offering an irresistible summer “Lobster and Fizz” deal.  You get a whole lobster for two, with salads and a bottle of prosecco for a mere £40!  So when in Liverpool, I considered it courtesy to take them up on the offer.  Ok so if your will is as weak as mine, you do end up being tempted to starters (potted shrimp risotto, delicious) and desserts (custard tarts, mmmmm) but the highlight has to be the lobster bibs which are provided to patrons, please see photographic evidence….!  This was a fun touch.  Overall, the service was excellent, the atmosphere is lovely in there and with crustaceans and bubbles at that price, it is well worth a visit!


Incidentally, Liverpool is also home to the famous ‘Lobster Pot’ chippy, opposite Liverpool Central.  There’s a great range of choice there, but no battered lobsters unfortunately.


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