Platform 4 review

We were in for a real treat this weekend with the spectacular free event, Platform 4, taking place across Manchester.  Day events welcomed people to St Ann’s square, Piccadilly Gardens, New Cathedral Street and Exchange Square for family fun and all round entertainment.

 Castlefield played host to the night-time events which consisted of musical delights from around the world and a showcase of contemporary performance art.

 I joined a couple of thousand other spectators in Castlefield on Friday night, all glad that the rain stayed away.  Highlights included the Atempo Circ with their fantastic display of circus rope work accompanied by live cellist!  

The evening culminated in the groundbreaking 10pm performance in the main arena featuring the fabulous, Wired Aerial Theatre.  Their piece is called, ‘As The World Tipped’ and uses tripwires to hurl the artists in front of a giant HD screen displaying an environmental disaster of a declining planet earth.  It was an incredibly ambitious performance which saw the stage lifted to vertical position by a giant crane, with the actors suspended on wires whilst they fought against gravity, symbolising the struggle planet earth will face if we don’t change our ways.

 I loved how they used their own physical struggle to depict the human impact of global warming.  The visuals and the performers’ interaction with the images was absolutely captivating.  How they come up with this idea and then actually bring it to fruition is beyond me!  They should be very proud, not only of the sheer circus skill on display but also with the message they have chosen to convey.  It was the most powerful green argument I’ve ever witnessed and it left the crowd stunned in silence.


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