The mighty Manchester Food n Drink Festival kicks off tomorrow for the 14th year running.  Celebrating some great venues, chefs, local food and the best of British, it confirms one thing about this city: we know how to eat!

We’re absolutely spoilt for choices this year, so check out the listings here:

Albert Square will host the hinge of all activity with celebrity chefs and food stalls plying their wares from 7th – 17th October.  I definitely want to get involved with the chilli lovers fair and the chocolate adventure!

Fabulous food will be omnipresent in Manchester over this period with various restaurants offering up specially selected menus for our delight.  You can even go on a tram tour between venues with “Come Dine with Metrolink”.

For those cheese lovers amongst you (that’ll be everyone except me then) I highly recommend attending the Manchester Confidential Call My Bluff evening which will feature plenty of that old mouldy stuff but you can wash it down with wonderful wines from the independent wine merchants and all round nice guys, T Wright Wine  

Independent wine retailers will also be celebrated over the weekend at the People’s History Museum with the Big Indie Wine Fest.  Hanging Ditch are also doing wine tasting events.  If you fancy something harder, there’s a spirit tour of Manchester taking place and plenty of cocktails being created for the festival by local baristas.

Give us ten days of MFDF and we’ll all be a wee bit fatter but a whole lot happier.  Yum.



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