All hail the eco dudes

If you’re an eco novice like me, but also LOVE planet earth A LOT and wouldn’t mind it sticking around for a bit longer, staying a bit green and keeping all those ace animals intact…then you probably try to do your bit for the environment – y’know – keeping on top of the recycling, turning the washer down to 30 degrees, scabbing a lift instead of bringing your own petrol propelled polluter into the world…that kind of thing.

Like me, you might also find it frustrating to see others point blank refusing to do their bit.  My neighbour, for example, whose apparent colourblindness seems to prevent her from putting her goddam-empty-cans-of-fosters in the brown bin or placing her shameful heart-attack-size-pizza-boxes in the blue bin.  No no, she’d rather heap every-flipping-thing into the ‘general waste’ black bin and then wheel it out once a fortnight, in her pyjamas, with a roly hanging out of her gob, wondering why it is that her bin is the only one overflowing…?!  With a throaty cough, she tramps back indoors without an ounce of remorse about sticking a load of great reusable stuff into the earth!  (That’s the first and last time I’ll refer to Fosters as ‘great’. Promise.) 

Anyway, fortunately for her and for us novices, some people are superb at looking out for the future of our planet, not just within their own self contained lives, but also through loads of cool and inspirational activities and ideas which they blithely dedicate themselves to with the aim to inspire, involve and educate others to follow suit.  All hail these eco legends with their valiant aim to keep stuff nice, clean and green!

So it was (globally) heart warming to learn about a Manchester based community cooperative who take time out to actively hail the eco dudes, with an annual festival to celebrate their work and collaborate ideas:

The friendly folk at Envirolution are also hosting their annual Festival on 21st July 2012 which will be an umbrella celebration and recognition of all the brilliant environmental work going on in Greater Manchester communities, whilst also having a right laugh and providing some top music talent too!  It’s in Platt Fields Park in Fallowfield and best of all, it’s free!  So take a look, be inspired and bring your own Fosters (but put it in the right bin when you’re done.)

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