Blue Monday

If the doomsayers are to be given credence, the third Monday in January is the day we are supposed to be at our lowest ebb, most likely to phone in sick and most likely to feel depressed.  This media promulgated day of gloom is colloquially known as “Blue Monday” and this year it falls today, 16th January 2012. 

A combination of December over-indulgences, the nightmare of the economic downturn and there being no bank holidays until April, culminates in today feeling a bit glum.  The boozy haze of Christmas has faded, the looming leftover Christmas chocolates fill you with pangs of guilt and you’re already reprimanding yourself for breaking all your flimsy new year resolutions.  And so many of us (me included) are engaging with “White Month” – the preposterous idea of actually giving up alcohol for 31 days, at the time when we arguably need it most!

Lest ye all run out and drown yourselves in the nearest bottle of gin, I thought a bit of positive reframing was necessary.  We can collectively tackle the blues and make this a day worth savouring.  Here’s some ideas: Continue reading