Greater Manchester Film Festival

We do culture and creativity extremely well in Manchester.  We love art, we love music and we love to be entertained.  We also see more than our fair share of drizzle, so we’re pretty adept at being entertained indoors.  Through the 3 universities, we have a wealth of talent pumping into the media profession and now even the behemoth BBC has lifted its London-centric anchor and docked down in the shiny Media City harbour.  We’ve even got a bevvy of picture houses – from your big, proper, blockbuster style Odeons, to the cultural, cool Corner House and even a few pop up cinemas throughout the year, such as yellow deck-chaired Screenfields in summer.

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Festival Packing List

It’s that heady time of year when you tingle all over with anticipation and dream of escaping that rat race to ‘find yourself’ on a higher plane of consciousness, ankle deep in British mud, swilling cider down your psychedelic tights.  I tackle this hedonistic getaway with the same precision approach I apply to the more mundane side of life: preparation is everything. 

Unless you’re a captain of spontaneity and need little more to survive than rolling tobacco and a feathered headdress, you should adopt my methodical, organised attitude and indulge yourself with this season’s must-have accessory: the Festival Packing List.

The list below was created for a good friend coming to Glastonbury for the first time, but it can be easily adapted to your ‘chosen field’.  I’m often asked to repeat it, so here it is

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Salford Food & Drink Festival

It’s Salford Food ‘n’ Drink Festival at the moment and in honour of such festivities, plus it being Mr MancDays birthday, I did my bit for the cause last night by attending A Night of Fine Dining at the Lowry Theatre Restaurant.   The setting was stunning with a bright September sun setting over the spangley new developments in Salford Quays. Continue reading