Festival Packing List

It’s that heady time of year when you tingle all over with anticipation and dream of escaping that rat race to ‘find yourself’ on a higher plane of consciousness, ankle deep in British mud, swilling cider down your psychedelic tights.  I tackle this hedonistic getaway with the same precision approach I apply to the more mundane side of life: preparation is everything. 

Unless you’re a captain of spontaneity and need little more to survive than rolling tobacco and a feathered headdress, you should adopt my methodical, organised attitude and indulge yourself with this season’s must-have accessory: the Festival Packing List.

The list below was created for a good friend coming to Glastonbury for the first time, but it can be easily adapted to your ‘chosen field’.  I’m often asked to repeat it, so here it is

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