#100happydays – the blog

It was the winter of discontent.   I felt like I had been drudging to and from work under the cover of darkness since the Dark Ages.  My Vitamin D was in serious deficit.  My last dose of sunshine was a faded memory and my next getaway felt like a distant dream.   The outlook was bleak.

January is infamously depressing; it’s cold, it’s dreary and you’re probably skint.  If, like me, you’re prone to a bit of self-diagnosed S.A.D. (Seasonal Affected Disorder) then it isn’t ideal to reside in a country with an ostensive 9 month winter.

So I had the January blues.  Some psychopathic philistines would probably say I just needed a massive slap round the chops.  Those psychopaths would only be partly wrong, because what I did indeed need was a change of perspective, but I was hoping to achieve it in a less painful way.

So in the bleak midwinter, I heard about a viral project permeating social media called the #100happydays project.  My friend Kim started doing it on facebook and it took me all of 10 minutes to realise this was exactly what I needed.

The concept sounded simple enough: find one thing to be happy about, once a day, every day, for 100 consecutive days, and post a picture of it either on facebook, twitter or instagram.  Continue reading


23 to 1

There comes a wondrous time of life when everyone you know seems to be standing with their back to you, solemnly facing a public official, entering into the most magical legal contract: one which is sealed with a kiss and followed by fun yet formulaic frivolity.  That time for me is 2013: a year in which I’ve eaten more wedding breakfasts than I’ve had hot dinners and I’ve drank enough fizzy white wine to sink a cream-coloured, ribbon-decked Rolls-Royce.   

Each weekend thus far has been a blissful blur of reckless hen dos, feckless outfit buying, and ultimately being blessed with the chance to attend the best day of someone’s life.  It doesn’t matter that marriage has monopolised my weekends and my wallet this year, because it doesn’t get much better than seeing someone you love, tying the knot in the name of love, surrounded by the people they love.  You could well-up just blogging about it. Continue reading

Greater Manchester Film Festival

We do culture and creativity extremely well in Manchester.  We love art, we love music and we love to be entertained.  We also see more than our fair share of drizzle, so we’re pretty adept at being entertained indoors.  Through the 3 universities, we have a wealth of talent pumping into the media profession and now even the behemoth BBC has lifted its London-centric anchor and docked down in the shiny Media City harbour.  We’ve even got a bevvy of picture houses – from your big, proper, blockbuster style Odeons, to the cultural, cool Corner House and even a few pop up cinemas throughout the year, such as yellow deck-chaired Screenfields in summer.

So it may come as a surprise that… Continue reading